Afterbirth (2013)

Claire Love Wilson’s piano is the exploration of a dark forest. Her voice is your guide on a journey to the edge of a cliff above the ocean under the full moon. The drums are the waves, crashing far down below you. The strings are the wind in your hair and on your skin. The brass is the blood in your veins. The music buries itself in your ears and moves through you, telling you stories of love and friendship. Some songs twinkle, some dance to deep, rolling beats. Some flow through your body, soothing your bones and tugging at your heartstrings. They’re all beautiful, they’re all uplifting.
— Veronica Winslow, The Indie Blender, 2013

Afterbirth is Claire Love Wilson's debut album.  Produced, recorded and mixed by Jeremy Enns of Ascetic Productions, the album came together over a period of 5 years, and is inspired by Claire’s experiences of intimacy: intimacy with friends, family, lovers and ultimately herself